Don't be afraid to give up the Good and go for the Great.
- John D. Rockefeller

Our story


We should not pretend that things will change if we keep them in the same way, the crisis is the best thing that can happen to people and entire countries because it is precisely the crisis that brings progress.

Creativity comes from anxiety as the day appears from the dark night, and from crisis are born inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies. Who overcomes crisis surpasses himself without being overcome. Without crisis there are no challenges, without challenges life is routine, a slow agony. Without crisis there are no merits and in crisis the best of each of us emerges, because without crisis any wind is a caress. Talk of crisis is to create movement: recline on it means to exalt conformism, instead of working harder! The only threatening crisis is the tragedy of not being willing to overcome it. “(Albert Einstein, 1879-1955; thoughts on the crisis of 1929).

“A financial tsunami different from the one told by Einstein, and by volume of resources exceeded, burned on Black Friday 1929, the moves taken by the bankruptcy and the subsequent decision of non-intervention of the US Treasury for a bailout of the infamous “Lehman Brothers” . Since September 2008 we can say that the world has changed, but the fundamentals of economics and finance have remained the same.

“Capitalism is dead, long live capitalism!”, to paraphrase the herald of the ancient regime, which announced three times to the people, the death of the sovereign and the successor to the throne. Private enterprises contribute to the advancement and economic development of mankind, the financial instruments, securities, stocks and bonds, continue to create value for the same companies and investors who decide to buy them and then sell them when the market judges that choice the most favourable. And as happens in the stock market prices, choices and changes mark the life of the people.

FERAX Asset Management & Advisory SA was founded in May 2009 by Romualdo Cipriano and was renamed as FERACS Asset Management & Advisory SA in 2010. The company is based in Lugano and certified by the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

An ambitious and compelling enterprise with himself as the protagonist, has behind it a solid and challenging fifteen years money market experience. The forerunner to assume a new challenge was the Cipriano’s careful analysis on the market indicators pointing out the excessive corrective measures taken on the financial market.

The name FERACS stems from latin words “terra frugum ferax” (very fruitful ground). Success of any venture, for example, a cultivation of land, requires work, patience, risk knowledge and the ability to correct mistakes. To rephrase an old farmer proverb on fertility, creating good finances takes three basic things: good weather, good seed and good work. Having a 15 year background in asset management on global equity markets, Cipriano continues to inspire those working in financial management by sharing his expertise on complex financial investments.


We focus on a unique custom-made mix of financial instruments, tax compliant optimization and legal protection to build the clients performance.


- Administration
- Infrastructure
- Processes


- Global Reach
- Best Conditions
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- Responsiveness
- Knowledge
- Execution

Whether you’re an institutional or individual investor, an experienced pro or just starting out, Feracs Asset Management & Advisory can help you find the right options for your needs, develop a customised strategy, and navigate with clarity.



Romualdo Cipriano, class ’67, BA in Economics from the University “Federico II” of Naples, began professional career in 1994 at the company Ca.Ma. Caserta, as controller.

In 1995 he was called to Milan by the “ING Bank”, Italy headquarters, as assistant to the “portfolio manager”.

In 1996 moves to “Ing Baring” as “portfolio manager”.

In 2001 enters in the “Ing Private Banking” (Ing Asset Management), where he was appointed head of equities globally.

IRemains in the Dutch group until February 2004 and then moved to “Pixel Investment Management” (Pioneer group), again as head of the equity.

In July 2004, accepted the proposal to become head of equity for “Banca Euromobiliare Suisse”, based in Lugano, Switzerland, where he remained, with the same functions, until December of 2008.

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